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Auto Bender

ZY-320A Machete machine

Product description:ZY-320A universal computer bending knife machine can meet the needs of customers to make knife mould of 8-50mm height and 0.45-1.42mm thickness. It is widely used in packaging and printing cartons, blisters, doll crafts, tags, flower knives, self-adhesive, wine boxes, boutique gift boxes, pearl cotton, leather goods and other knife moulds.

ZY-320A universal computer bending cutter has the advantages of high precision, good stability, complete functions, strong compatibility, high cost performance and so on.

Functional advantages :                                   

  • Automatic bending
    (0.45/0.53/0.71/1.05/1.42mm thick die, 8 / 9.5/12/23.8/30/35/40/50mm high die)
  • Automatic bridge location
    (3/5/6/8mm bridge width, 6/10/13/15/18mm bridge height adjustable)
  • Automatic punching
    (after the interface is completed, it can not be twisted and sewn through, durable)
  • Automatic olecranon
    (servo motor punching and shearing eagle mouth stable interface intact)

Performance characteristics :                                   

1. The new double screw dynamic circulation knife feeding clamping device is adopted, and the unique dynamic exchange clamping control structure is independently developed, which can make the knife feeding truly achieve high-precision circulation knife feeding without stopping, solve the drawback of waiting for the return of single screw feeding, and maximize the production speed and bending accuracy of the whole machine.
2. The self-developed autobender software is simple and convenient, supports CAD files and various formats, supports win7 operating system, simple and convenient software, one key operation, two-hour training, and reduces the labor cost of the factory.
3. 1.5KW servo motor is used to control flat cutting, eagle mouth and bridge position, which is stable, efficient and accurate, and its performance is far better than that of pneumatic output mode. The flat cutting butt joint effect is seamless and light tight, and the process quality is perfect.
4. The mold can be disassembled and replaced easily and quickly, and can be disassembled separately, reducing the user's use cost.

Main technical parameters :                            

Maximum bending angle 95°
180 degree minimum arc radius R3.5
90 degree minimum arc radius R1.0
Minimum bending size 1.5mm
Minimum shear size 1mm
File support format .DXF,.AI
Machine dimensions 2000*900*1500mm
Computer configuration

Intel (R) core (TM) I3 processor
@3.10ghz installation memory 4GB

Power supply 220V,50/60Hz
Machine weight 300Kg
Air pressure demand 6-8Kg/cm
Rated power 2KW

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